Tracy Byrd

Tracy Byrd
July 28
Tracy Byrd
8:00 PM
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Tracy Byrd became a household name on the Country Music Scene in 1993
when his third single, called "Holdin' Heaven", off of his MCA Records, self-titled debut
album, hit #1 on the Billboard Country Charts. The Album also included the remake hit
of Johnny Paycheck's "Someone to Give my Love to" cementing Byrd as a Traditional
Country Troubadour!! The Debut Album went on to be certified Gold, a award signifying
sales in excess of 500,000 copies.

Byrd's second project, "No Ordinary Man", kept building on the momentum the
first album created, the first radio single from it called "Lifestyle's of the Not so Rich
and Famous" reached #4, followed by another top five hit, "The First Step", then with
the release of the smash, chart topping hit "Watermelon Crawl" the second album
crossed the half million sales mark and certified Gold. The realease of the 4th and last
single on this project moved Byrd to the top of both the Billboard Album and Singles
charts. The song was called "The Keeper of the Star's" and it shot to #1 on the singles
charts and pushed the album to Double Platinum Status, which certifies sales of over
2 Million Copies. "The Keeper of the Star's" won Academy of Country Music's "Song of
the Year" award in 1995. A Keeper Year for Tracy Byrd for sure.

His third studio Album, "Love Lesson" is one of Tracy's favorites. It included the
title track, another top five hit single for Byrd, also included were the top 15 singles,
"Walking to Jerusalem" and "Heaven in My Woman's Eyes", Byrd's personal favorite.
A 4th top 15 single was released called "4 to 1 in Atlanta" which Byrd performed Live on
the David Letterman Show. The "Love Lesson's" album also reached sales of 500,000
copies certifying Gold.

"Big Love" became Byrd's fourth studio album with it's release in the fall of
1996. It spawned two more top five singles with the release of the title track and
"Don't Take Her She's All I've Got" The Video's of both of these songs reached the top of
CMT's Video Chart's and also earned Byrd his first TNN Television Special titled "Tracy
Byrd's Big Love" on which Byrd invited guest's Johnny Paycheck, Mark Chesnutt, and
Asleep at the Wheel. The Album "Big Love" became Tracy's Fourth consecutive Studio
Album to be Certified Gold. Tracy said that this meant more to him than anything
because he knew Fan's weren't just listening to his hit songs on the radio, they were
laying down their hard earned money to own a copy of their own and that was

The fifth project on MCA was titled, "I'm From the Country" and it contained the
title track a fun, party song stating what most fan's already knew, that Tracy Byrd was
from the Country and sang Country Music. The CD also contained a Beautiful Ballad
called "I Wanna Feel That Way Again" Both of these single's reached the Top Five on the
Charts. It was at this same time that TNN Outdoors recruited Byrd as the TV Host of
their Weekend Outdoor Broadcast. Tracy, a well known outdoorsman, was perfect for
the job and continued his hosting responsibilities for three years.

At this point in his career, Tracy Byrd, was looking for a change in labels, but still
was under contract with MCA Records who were preparing a release of "Keepers:
Greatest Hit's" containing all the hit's from Byrd's catalog of songs. The album quickly
earned another Gold Record award for Byrd but he was trying to persuade MCA to let him out of his contract so he could pursue a different direction. MCA finally allowed Byrd out of his contract and he quickly signed with RCA Records and got to work on a new project, "It's About Time", that would be released in November of 1999 and would
reach the top 10 quickly with the single "Put Your Hand In Mine" Byrd has said that this
album is the most Traditional Album he ever released and therefore his favorite.

Next came "The Truth About Men", which first released the title track which was
a comedic look at what Men are really like, it was a team effort with Tracy's buddies
Blake Shelton, Andy Griggs, and Troy and Eddie of Montgomery Gentry lending their
talents to the song and the video. This Album also released the top five smash "The
Drinkin' Bone" which became a crowd favorite sing along song.
Tracy Byrd crossed into the new Millineum with the release of his Album "10 Rounds" It
took off on the release of a duet with his longtime hometown buddy and hero Mark
Chesnutt. The song was called "A Good Way to get on my Bad Side" and was a
milestone for Byrd to finally get to record with his good friend. Then came the release
of the party song of the year, "10 Rounds with Jose Cuervo" which shot to the top of the
Billboard Charts to notch Byrd's third #1 single. He also hit the top 10 with his spanish
guitar flared "Just Let Me be in Love".
Byrd was then moved to BNA Records, the sister label of RCA, and they released
his second greatest hits project, another feat that not many artists experience, two
Greatest hits projects!!! It debuted in the top five of the album charts and became
Byrd's sixth Gold Album, and sent him to over 6 Million Records Sold!!!

Byrd then left the major label and released an album on his own, appropriatelly
titled, "Different Things" Although this project was not commercially successful, it
garnered Byrd his highest Critical acclaim of his career with Billboard magazine
choosing it as one of their Top 10 Country Albums of the Year!!!

Through all of these years Byrd became a promoter favorite on the road,
performing over 4000 exciting shows across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe,
and Australia from 1992 until 2009! He then say's he needed a break to take care of
himself and his most precious thing, his family, wife Michelle, daughter Evee, and son's
Logan and Jared, who had taken a backseat to his career for year's. He did not perform
from 2010-2013, but in 2014 he got back to the music with a new band and a new
found sobriety and love of the thing he enjoys so much. Say's Byrd, "These day's my
life has great balance, with my music being a part of it, not all of it. I can honestly say I
have never enjoyed it more!!"

Byrd went back in the studio in June of 2016 and started work on his first
project in 10 years. Recorded completely in Tyler, Texas at Rosewood Studios, that
album is appropriatelly titled, All American Texan, which is exactly what he is and has
always been. This album features 8 tracks written by Byrd, a fact he is very proud of.
The album was released in October of 2016 and has been very well received by his fans
and critics alike.

If you get the chance pick up some Tracy Byrd music, and catch a show on the
road. You won't be sorry that you did!!!

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